Geotextile, Geogrid and Geofabric


As part of any pit/ponds in construction field geofabric layer installed under HDPE to prevent failure and increases the projects life span. Atta khayat Co. provides geofabric in different thickness and properties. In depends on clients need to have sufficient layer of geofabric under HDPE/ PVC membrane. As well as using geofabric, Geotextile and Geogird in water/ waste pits and ponds, they are also beneficial in other field of construction, such road design and drainage. Whether paved or unpaved, the use of a geotextile or geogrid can reduce costs and increase the life of the project by evenly distributing loads and preventing rutting, cracking and potholes. Loss of aggregate into the subgrade is the leading cause of pavement failure. Engineers have often dealt with this by thickening the layer of aggregate to offset the expected loss. A woven geotextile separates the aggregate from the subgrade, greatly reducing the loss of aggregate. Poor drainage is another major reason for pavement failure. By also reducing the migration of fines into the gravel layer, a woven geotextile improves drainage.


  • 25 Dec, 2015